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Cargo Load Plan and Optimization Software - Trailer Load with Multiple Cargo Types

A sample trailer load with multiple cargo types

You have found the world best cargo loading optimization software.

CubeMaster is a must for manufacturers, shippers, freight forwarders and logistics providers. It is a cargo load planning, optimization, diagramming and
distribution software. It calculates the "how to" load the trucks, containers, pallets, rail cars, boxes and ULDs with single and mixed size products.

CubeMaster is the easies and most powerful cargo load plan and optimization software for truck, container, pallet and carton. It reduces shipping and transport costs through intelligent cargo loading and optimal space utilization algorithm.

Proven and Unique Algorithm

CubeMaster uses a proven load optimization algorithm published at JORS (Journal of Operational Research) the world class SCI journal in the industrial engineering. And also CubeMaster is the only and unique software able to calculate 23 load optimizations as in the following table.  [see more]
  Truck and Trailer Sea Container Pallet Air Container Carton
Single Load OK OK OK OK OK
Multi-Set Load OK OK OK OK OK
2-step Load OK OK - OK -

Easy to Use and Fully Customizable

  • It's easy. Our guiding principals to make CubeMaster are: Quickest To Learn Easiest to Use even without help files. Our load planner is meant for front-line people and managers, not the IT department. Don't like or can't afford to spend a lot of time reading help files or tutorials? CubeMaster is the one for you. This also means that as employees come, go, or change positions, there is no significant concern.
  • Excel and CSV Import Wizard - Worried about how you will get your cargo data into CubeMaster? Use copy and paste to bring in thousands of products at once. (Of course you can just type product data into our cargo list if you like.) [see more detail ]
  • Switch on-the-fly between Metric or English systems
  • Switch on-the-fly between English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Korean - Synchronize with your foreign supplier or customer if each has CubeMaster. Just a click will switch between different languages
  • Outlook-style user interface to manage complex order and load plan
  • Document management with the Today window - easy access to the recent Container, Truck, Pallet and Carton Load Plans [see a movie at new window]
  • Display of the % cube or % weight of your transit vehicle
  • 3D click, drag and drop editor to easily create and visualize load plans [see a movie at new window]
  • 3D color-coded graphical display shows what you are entering into SKU, tote or pallet database as you design it
  • Import all types of databases - ORACLE, MS-SQL, DB2 and XML with built-in query and connection manager
  • Send your load plan by email with attachment automatically
  • Full size on the screen gives good visibility
  • Save preferred settings including vehicle type, dimension, measurement units and language formats as system defaults
  • Custom in-house programming available to incorporate desired functions or system integration using a SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Cargo Load Plan and Optimization Software - Powerful and Easy User Interface
    Powerful and Easy User Interface



    Cargo Load Plan and Optimization Software - Easy Excel and CSV Import
    Easy Excel and CSV import

    Multiple Load Optimizations

  • Truck and Trailer Loading - Finds the best combination of multiple vehicle types (eg. 40FT x3 + 20FT x2). It also regards multiple stops and load priorities.
  • Sea Container Loading - Optimizes cargo plan with multiple different sizes and quantities or finds the max number of cartons per single container (calculates FCL: Full Container Load).
  • Pallet Configuration and Pattern Optimization - Perfect for creating multiple product load plans for pre-packing unitload. Also calculates single full pallet or mixed pallet loads. These pallet loads can then be used in building container loads.
  • Carton Load Optimization for Order Picking - Calculates best tote/ship case to fulfill the picking orders with different box sizes and quantities. It also determines optimal load diagramming and picking list.
  • Air Cargo Loading Plan - Calculates the best use of multiple air pallets and containers including LD and ULD type. It also be used to maximizes the space utilization of an air craft.
  • Palletizing before Truck and Container Loading - Automatically convert case quantities to full pallet and mixed pallet loads, before final container loading
  • Cargo Load Plan and Optimization Software - Multiple Load Optimizations
    Multiple Load Optimizations

    Various Load Types

  • Single Load - CubeMaster uses proven algorithms to calculate full container and pallet loads of single-size product. It also consider multiple pattern type in a pallet & vehicle.
  • Mix Load - Finds optimal number of vehicles to load all orders of different size cartons. It is perfect to determine the best combination of the different vehicle types to fulfill a delivery orders in a warehouse. It also consider an unitization of the cargos before vehicle loading.
  • Set Load - Calculates best qty of each cargo when several cargos should be kept to compose one product. (eg. Calculates full load of an air conditioner composed of one indoor and two outdoors)
  • Multi-Set Load - Finds optimal number of vehicles to load all orders of different size cartons with regarding multiple destinations and stops.
  • Cargo Load Plan and Optimization Software - Multiple Cargo Types

    Multiple Cargo Types

    Extensive Vehicle and Cargo Types

  • Select from a variety of trailers, sea container including Open Top and Flat Rack special equipments
  • User definable air pallet and ULD
  • Multiple cargo types supported - ship case, roll, full single pallet load and mixed pallet load
  • Fill a pallet with ship case and create a pre-pack pallet loads. The pallet loads can be used a new cargo again to fill a vehicles
  • Efficient and Flexible Load Algorithms

  • Priority & max number of each vehicle type
  • Max weight & volume % for each vehicles types
  • Extensive stacking rules - Dead stack and stacking matrix
  • Orientation priority for each cargo
  • Pattern type for each cargo when applied to single load
  • Axle weight calculations help minimize transient damage
  • Calculation the exact location of center of gravity for all loads
  • Loads according to drop off or with same order kept together
  • Max size for cargo placement in vehicle makes easy loads
  • Remove vehicles with poor volume utilization automatically
  • Replacement LCL with smaller vehicles (e.g. 40FT -> 20FT)
  • Define naming rules for vehicle loads (e.g. #3 40FT -> MEX003-40FT)
  • Smart pallet placement algorithm to secure more stable loads
  • Cargo Load Plan and Optimization Software -  Load By Stop  Sequence

    A sample of load sequence

    Smart Analyzing Tools

  • calculation Explorer helps you to navigate loading blocks and empty spaces
  • Automatically finds the available cargo qtys to be loaded into selected empty spaces (LCL Calculator)
  • Add new cargo into a vehicle without re-calculation
  • Move cargos between vehicles without re-calculation
  • Multiple Reports and Printouts

  • 3D graphical views of load plans
  • 3D step by step loading instructions [see sample ]
  • 3D diagrams and comprehensive summary reports [see sample ]
  • 3D weight distribution chart
  • Fully customizable loading instructions and manifest [see sample ]
  • 2D diagrams of center of gravity and axle weights
  • Add description into each empty spaces of load
  • Email reports to different departments or customers
  • Customize the style of all reports such as color, font size and decorations
  • Collaboration Supports

  • Share the load data, loading instruction and diagram over Internet anytime, anywhere and any web browser
  • Easily integrate with WMS, Order Entry, Routing, Oracle, EDI and Supply Chain Systems for data imports

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