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Air Container Load Optimization

You can calculate the loading of air container and pallet while considering numerous restrictions such as contour and cost.

The ULD database has standard shapes as picture 1. A ULD has following properties - name, exterior size and thickness, empty and max weight, empty and max price,  Max volume % allowed in the ULD, max number of cargoes allowed in the ULD and color. A custom shape can be defined at the Shape window by defining six points as picture 2.

Once different shapes of ULD were defined to a shipment, the ULD calculation finds the best combination of the ULDs which maximizes the space utilizations as picture 3. If the price of ULD was defined, the program calculates the cost of each cargo in the filled ULD and shows the total and percentage in the well formatted table as picture 4.

Picture 1. Stnadard ULD shapes defined in the database


Picture 2. Custom shapes are defined at Shape window


Picture 3. Calculation finds the multiple ULD loading


Picture 4. Cost calculation of each caro in a full ULD