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What is a package design?

Package design offers the greatest single opportunity for reduced logistics costs and improved profitability with very little investment. It is redesigning of your packaging and analyzing warehouse practices to obtain a “Higher Net Profit Package”. It is researching a package, case and pallet load design and optimization: improving each step of your products journey in the supply chain.

The most cost effective way of reducing storage and shipping costs has been in getting more products onto a pallet. You need to evaluate your primary packaging to obtain optimal product size, in-store shelf display, material usage, case count and fit. Once the primary package has been finalized, an analysis should be done to create the best-case count and arrangement within the outer packaging limits. The result is using the correct material specification for storage and protection while minimizing costs.

Pallet Configuration and Package Design Software - Conceptual Overview

Conceptual overview of package design

How to get the 'Highest Net Profit Package'?

Computer and software programs are necessary! CubeDesigner.NET offers the most powerful and comprehensive computer aided packaging engineering programs on the market today. CubeDesigner.NET can evaluate the impact of package design on various segments of the product supply chain, which can then be used to make tradeoff decisions.

CubeDesigner.NET is an expert software to effectively allow users to integrate Packaging, Marketing and Operations variables to identify the optimal package design for maximum profit. It is done by assisting in the identification of the best overall design solutions to reduce costs and increase profits – from the initial development of a product to its placement on the retailer’s shelf. In other words, CubeDesigner.NET aids in a creating the Higher Net Profit Package. Using CubeDesigner.NET as your consulting, packaging becomes a creative means to meet the needs of Marketing, Logistics and Operations with solutions that generate bottom line results.

Palletizing and Package Design Software

CubeDesigner.NET is palletization or pallet software provides package design, pallet layout and compression analysis tools to build optimized pallet patterns. It can also be used to calculate package size, package configuration, stacking strength, and truck configuration. With CubeDesigner.NET, packaging engineers can oversee all steps of the package design from idea to final presentation, with a result of adding to the bottom line of the organization.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduce transportation costs by optimizing Case Size and Pallet Pattern configuration to ship most products per truck or container.
  • Graphic Reports show how to package and load products.
  • Advanced 3D graphics to show products as packaged and shipped.
  • Publish your package design to World Wide Web and share it with other teams.
  • Pallet Configuration and Package Design Software - Screen Shot

    Features Overview

    Create Shipcase and Shipper Design

    Don't know the size of the shipcase to fit around your product? CubeDesigner.NET can calculate it and perform box design for you. You can define how many of your primary packages to go inside your master shipcase or use a range of that item for the best yield of efficiency. You can even tell CubeDesigner.NET the maximum amount of items to load around the Length, Width, or Height of the container. In addition to ship case design and optimization, CubeDesigner's Database feature can also make the best use of your existing shipcases. Just plug in the length, width and height of your carton, CubeDesigner.NET will give you a list of shipcases that work best for your carton. [see demo]
  • Sizing types - Fixed, New & Database
  • Carton types - Cube, HSC, RSC, RSC Closed, Reverse Tuck, Tray, Half Tray, etc.
  • Bulge factors and inside slacks
  • Quantity by range (min & max) or specific values
  • Sizing options - area efficiency, size ratio, volume, weight by range
  • Stack orientations
  • Optimize Pallets and Unitload

    CubeDesigner.NET maximizes number of boxes to fit onto Pallets and determines the best pallet pattern. CubeDesigner.NET comes with a database of different pallet styles. You can also create new pallets in certain style and size. CubeDesigner.NET allows you to calculate from simple to the most complex pallet patterns. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can enter all of your data in an easy to follow sequential format. You can use a host of pre-defined shapes.
  • Calculate multi-pallet types from the database
  • Pattern types - 1, 2, 3 , 4 and 5 blocks, and multi-surface
  • Automatic layer generation
  • Add corner posts, slip sheets, top caps, shrink wraps or straps
  • Rotate and choose alternate pallet patterns
  • Reports

    CubeDesigner.NET renders all graphics in 3D color-coded format so users can easily visualize the layout design and their various load plans. For sharing the manifests with colleagues and customers, you can output your analyses in over 3 different user-selectable formats in a user-friendly, intuitive screen. [see sample]

    Once the "What you see is what you get" reports are generated, you can add annotations, graphics, company logo and specific product information, then:

  • Send them to printers,
  • Send to other recipients via emails using your existing email clients,
  • Put them on the company network drive to share with others,
  • Export them as MS-Excel or other formats and export to other systems, or
  • Publish them on the CubeDesigner.NET to share with colleagues and customers.
  • Collaboration Support

    Create a package design at product design stage and create a package specification by analyzing  the design. Just send the package specification to your manager by email to allow him/her to review the package specification. The manager can determine rejection or acceptance of the package specification within the software and then publish it on the CubeDesigner.NET to share packaging information with the distributed team members. They can see the designs, instruction and diagram over Internet anytime, anywhere and any web browser.
    CubeDesigner offers a total optimization solution which assists packaging engineers in these areas:
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