Official CubeMaster and CubeDesigner Downloads

Free Trial of Truck, Container & Pallet Loading Software and Palletizing & Package Design Software.

We are providing 30 days free trial for Truck, Container & Pallet Loading software and Palletizing & Package Design Software to allow you to try with your real products. The trial download is identical to the licensed version except that a nag message appears on the 3D loading and stacking graphics.



Load Plan & Optimization Software


Palletizing & Package Design Software

30 Days Trial Program

Download CubeMaster for Windows

9 languages available (English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean).

All products (Enterprise, Professional, Vehicle, Pallet, Carton and Magic editions) are all inclusive in the one installation.

25 samples included.

Updated at 26 July 2015

Want individual download?

CubeMaster Magic edition for Windows

Download CubeDesigner for Windows

3 languages available (English, Italian, Korean).

Professional and Standard editions inclusive.

10 samples included

Updated at 20
Jan 2017.

User's Guide

CubeMaster User Guide
Version 2.0, English

Importing and Exporting Guide

CubeDesigner User Guide ?占쎈챸: \\RED\c$\Web_APP\\images2006\dft_pdf.gif
Version 1.4, English

White Papers

Load Calculation Whitepaper ?占쎈챸: \\RED\c$\Web_APP\\images2006\dft_pdf.gif
Version 2.0, English


Developer Edition

Download CubeMaster SDK Trial

Samples for VC# included
Updated at 10 Dec 2012


Minimum System Requirements

  • To install and run CubeMaster software, your system needs to meet the following requirements:
  • Platform: Windows 2000, NT, XP, 7, 7 (Windows 95, ME, 98 is NOT available)
  • Network: Any network is compatible.
  • Processor Required: Any processor capable of running the installed platform (200 MHz Recommended).
  • Hard Disk Space Required: 30 MB
  • RAM Required: 16 MB (32 MB or more Recommended)
  • Video Required: 800 x 600 at 256 colors or higher (1024 x 768 Recommended)
  • CubeMaster software uses 32-bit code. For import/export of data, CubeMaster uses MS Excel for exporting/importing, ASCII comma delimited text files compatible with most document management systems, spreadsheets, databases and mainframes, including Excel, Access, Paradox, AS400 and UNIX platforms.

?占쎈챸: \\RED\c$\Web_APP\\images2012\MacBook_Air_13in_PD8.jpg

Do you know CubeMaster runs on Mac? Please use VMWare such as Parallel. Please see this page for more information how to install the CubeMaster on your Mac.

See how to install CubeMaster on Mac...


CubeMaster solutions are meeting the following software needs throughout the world:

  • Shipping Logistics
  • Load Plan Diagrams
  • Cargo Layout
  • Trailer Loading Patterns

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